Gmeinder 15/18PS, the first gas mechanical loco in the FMW range!

Gmeinder 15/18PS, the first gas mechanical loco in the FMW range!

With the studies almost complete, I can now unveil the first gas mechanical loco in the FMW range. It will be a Gmeinder 15/18PS, inspired by the model preserved by the APPEVA, in Haute Somme, and exhibited in its museum:

General model specifications :

  • Structure and frame in etched and chemically cut brass
  • Details in lost-wax cast nickel silver
  • Beam-type mechanical chassis made by folding for greater rigidity and ease of assembly, in etched and chemically cut nickel silver. Screw plate closure for easy assembly/disassembly of axles.
  • Faulhaber type 1512u012s motor gearhead, with 112:1 reduction for scale speed, with 1:1 ratio primary transmission via stainless steel extension shaft and helical gears in steel and phosphor bronze, module 0.3. Self-centring helical transmission simplifies assembly
  • Secondary drive to the second axle via turned brass pulleys and 1 mm round NBR belt
  • Electric pick-up on all wheels via photoetched contact blades made of copper-beryllium, fixed to the mechanical chassis by screws and insulating washers
  • 3-point suspension with grub screw on rear axle
  • Nickel-plated brass wheels, insulated, NMRA standard RP25-Code 110, stainless steel axles
  • Rivet and bolt inserts in turned brass
  • Laser-cut real wood bench
  • DCC ready (card with power reserve and Plux16 connector) and 8 ohm loudspeaker
  • Sub-assemblies assembled using M1.6 torx or hexagon socket screws

All the lost-wax nickel silver foundries have been supplied, as have all the mechanical parts. All that remains to be done is to start manufacturing the photo-etched plates and the DCC circuits. I hope to be able to assemble a first validation prototype next February.

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