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Franck Tavernier

Having been passionate about narrow gauge model railways for over 30 years, I decided to set up Franck's Model Workshop, in order to turn an old dream into reality: the design and manufacture of premium customised narrow gauge models in the finest tradition of craftsmanship.

On the strength of my professional experience and the technical knowledge I have acquired in this field (mechanics, electronics), as well as the experience I have acquired in model railroading over more than 40 years, in the construction of standard or narrow gauge models, either hand-built or complete, I offer you narrow-gauge models (60cm), locomotives and rolling stock, military or industrial, from the First World War or industrial models, used in brickworks, tile factories, sawmills, farms, up to the end of the '60s/'70s, as well as accessories and scenery.

Our models are treated as close as possible to 1:35 scale, in top-quality kits or ready to run. Digitally designed, they are ready to be digitised (DCC adaptor) and equipped with optional DCC decoders.

They use a wide range of manufacturing techniques:

Made from brass, nickel silver and copper-beryllium, engraved and chemically cut, by digital milling, 3D printing of lost wax castings in bronze or nickel silver, turned brass parts, and a top-of-the-range motor with a Faulhaber ironless rotor motor gearhead.

Assembled models are numbered and delivered in a presentation box. We can also customise your models in narrow gauge, in 7mm, 1:35 or even Gn15 (1:24) scale, by painting and/or weathering them to your choice of different weathering levels: light, medium or heavy, depending on your preference.

What's special about our models :

A premium quality design, accurate to the real models, using noble materials and modern manufacturing techniques. Particular attention is paid to the finesse and quality of our models, making them "Museum Quality" models.

Our products are on sale on our website and at exhibitions.

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Our speciality: the design and production of premium custom narrow-gauge model railways in 1:35 scale. Our models are designed and built using premium quality materials and equipment.




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Frequently asked questions

For the time being, no, all my potential is taken up by 1:35 scale, and there are so many things to produce in this scale, locomotives, rolling stock, props and scenery.
Rep 2 : Yes, I can mount, paint and weather our products, as shown on our website. All you have to do is ask, and we'll send you a quote.
Rep 3 : Exceptionally, I can assemble, paint and weather kits made by our colleague Mark Hesketh Models. But we exclude the assembly of kits made by other colleagues in scales other than 1:35.
Rep 4 : Yes, I offer to paint and weather your narrow-gauge models exclusively, in scales of 1:43.5 (7mm scale); 1/35 and Gn15.
Rep 5 : Yes, I can supply DCC sound decoders on request, install them and configure them for your models, exclusively for 1:35 scale narrow gauge models.
Rep 6 : On request, I can carry out repairs to narrow-gauge models. Just ask, and we'll send you a quote.